1. What is Reiki?  Reiki (pronounced Ray-Kee) is Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy
or Spiritually Guided Energy. There are two parts to the word.  REI means Universal, or the all
knowing.  KI means Life Force Energy.  When combined with the wisdom of the "Universal Mind"
you have the most powerful source of energy healing available...REIKI
2.  What is a distant Healing/Attunement?  The wonderful thing about Reiki is that
it CAN be sent by distance and does NOT have to be hands on.  The only thing required from you is
your appointment, and 30 minutes to be still, free of distractions and relax in order for you to
receive Reiki.
3.  What can I expect from a Reiki Session?  A thirty day cleansing period.  In this
period many report life altering experiences. (Generally up to three.)  This will all be explained to
4.  What will I feel?  Each person is different.  Some feel nothing, even though yes, it did
work.  Others report seeing colors, tingling, seeing shapes and all sorts of experiences.  It is
common to get reports of experiences in the days following a Reiki session.
5.  Will it cure my physical condition, such as a headache?  Yes and no.  Reiki
Energy travels through your body where it is needed for the "Greatest Good".
6.  Is Reiki connected to a religion?  NO.  It is "Spiritually Guided Energy".
7.  How does the distant course work?  It is very "Hands-on".  I am not a Reiki
Master that will just hand you a certificate.  There are quizzes, case studies, and papers to write
and a final exam.  It will do you NO GOOD to be certified and not know how to use it!
8.  Will you certify me for Level III & Reiki Master if I did not get Level
I & II from you?  
This depends...All Reiki Master's teach Reiki differently.  You will need to
tell me where you stand on a personal level with Reiki, and your knowledge of Level I & Level II.  If
I feel that you are up to speed...then yes I will.
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Reiki Frequently Asked Questions
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