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This course is designed to cover Level I, Level II, Level III
and your Master's Certification from a beginner's level.  It is a
71 page paperback book, teaching you everything you need to
know in order to become a Usui Reiki Master.  Allowing
plenty of room for your personal notes.
You work from your own home and at your own speed and
turn your course work in for evaluation.  I will tell you up
front, it will take a MINIMUM of 60 days to complete Level
I & II.  (Most take longer, but you set the pace.)
This is a perfect way to learn to balance, center and ground
The course is "Hands On" to offer you the best Reiki
expereince possible.
The regular price of the course is
TIME FOR $99.00
This is a 15-Page ebook publication on the simplicity of Reiki
available November 2011 at  
Nook, Barnes & Noble.
For those that are "curious" about Reiki, then this is a must
read!  Learn what Reiki is, how it is performed, what it can
be used for, and how simple it is to perform.

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Twins Jasmine and Jaden Tinsley, had remained friends with their former college
group The Ghosts Ethusiasts for many years.  Everyone was thrilled to hear that
their member Kyle Wheeler, would soon marry one of their best friends, Nina

How wonderful it would be to have the entire group travel to a plantation house for
a weekend getaway and a wedding!  None of them had ever visited this location
before and most were anxiously hoping that it would be haunted.

A weekend surrounded by old friends, a wedding and a little ghost hunting....What
could possibly go wrong?
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