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About Jackie...
Hello my name is Jackie. The nickname Ms
Swami was given to me by my family and
friends years ago and I decided to keep it! I
first noticed my gift in my early teens but did
not fully embrace them until my early twenties.
Through the encouragement of my family,
friends and coworkers I started reading as a
professional in 2001.  

I am a 3rd generation psychic on my mother's
side.  I am clairvoyant (clear seeing).  I
also use the Tarot and the pendulum on
occasion or by request.

My main objective in any
reading is telling you EXACTLY
what I see, not necessarily what you may
WANT to hear.  If time permits, I like to end
my readings with taking a look at what
you NEED to know.

I offer readings in Love & Relationships,
Family & Friends, Career & Finances, and
Life Questions in general.  I am NOT a "Feel
Good psychic", and believe in telling
you exactly what I see.

My sign is Sagittarius, symbolized by The
Archer, who possesses
such exemplary traits as honesty and
optimism.  I reside in Virginia.
I enjoy my chosen profession

In addition to my readings, I am a published
author, author of Twist of Events and a Reiki
Course, and the Founder of a local
Paranormal Team, known as CVAPI, in which
I spend my spare time chasing ghosts!

I have appeared on two separate shows  airing
on Discovery, Animal Planet, Destination
America and TLC.

If it is "Honesty &
Accuracy" that you are seeking in a reading,
than please give me a
call! I look forward to speaking to you!

-Jackie Tomlin
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